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The three trumpeteers join their hands together and took the solemn vow to tread the untrodden path, to search new and hidden concepts , to do uncommon extraordinary work and achieve something better and superb, beneficial to the society beyond the imagination of the common man. The idea is to devote whole heartdly in the search of new and basic concepts hither to unknown and hidden; present these conceptual ideas and information to the public for their benifit and progress .

The visionaries, the trio, bosom friends from childhood , Manoj Prusty, Kamalakanta Mohanty and Rashmita Mohapatra took the bold step and on 27th oct 2002 , good fortune brought in to shape Vigyanpan as an innovative media house and started functioning at N-4,243,I.R.C Village , Bhubaneswar. With a handful but devoted Workers and investigators and very little finance, the struggle to achieve the goal as well as for survival went on.The total focus was on Odisha only.Tenacity, vigorous effort and sweet public relationship at last brought in achievements.Year by year the growth was visible in the successful publications of Vigyanpan’s Career Guide-all Odisha, Ama Samayara Silpa , Odisha Rajaneeti, Health Line, A Mirror of Banks & Financial Institutions of Odisha and Auto Glamour.

These publications are unique in the sense that these provide comprehensive information on the related subject field, for the benefit of the common people. Vigyanpan in this short span of time has nitched its own place in the media world, thus the vision of the visionaries of transforming Vigyanpan into the Beacon for the career seekers, job seekers, entrepreneurs, the common public gradually has taken place and has become true in its proper sense. Now Vigyanpan has shifted to its own premises at BDA commercial complex, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar. Another feather added to the cap of Vigyanpan is MARUTI PRINTECH INDUSTRY, a sister concern which was set up in 2009 as Pre &Post Press printing house, which is now located at D-1/2, Sec-A, Zone-D, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar.Within a very short time Maruti Printech Industry is now member of CII , RCCI & UCCI. Vigyanpan is one of the most reputed printing service providers in Odisha. Vigyanpan offers cost-effective offset and digital printing services for commercial purpose to meet everybody’s printing requirements.